Book Lists

September 2024: All our booklists for 2024/25 are now available to view and download 

The Department of Education has once again allocated funding to provide “Free School Books” for all primary school pupils.  The funding this year will allow us to provide books, copies, and some of the additional stationary required from this year’s book list.

Like last year, reusable books from the book rental scheme will be delivered directly to your child’s classroom. Stationary and workbooks will be distributed when available. We will notify you when they are ready for collection.

Monies provided by the Dept. of Education, which we are told is to be reviewed annually, have been reduced this year by nearly 17%  (from €96.00 to €80.00 per pupil) and will not cover the costs of all the required stationary, classroom resources, art supplies, online programs and 24-hour Allianz Pupil Insurance.

As we are not able to include all these resources as part of the free scheme, there will be a fee. This year the fee will be €50.00. This fee reflects the decrease in funding from the Dept. of Education as well as the increase in the cost of books.

We will always try to apply the funding we receive to give as many resources as possible free, but if the book list changes or the Dept. of Education reduces the annual funding in future years, it is possible that there will continue to be payments due.



Junior Infants Booklist

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