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Toy Donation Appeal

We need your unwanted toys!

We are looking for donations of toys for Aistear for our Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes, so if you are doing a clear out, please keep us in mind. 

We are looking for a donation of old school tracksuit bottoms also aged 4-5 / 5-6/ 6-7 for spares for the infant rooms.

If you have any of these items below at home could you email to organise donation ( please do not drop to the school without emailing first.)

Some of our Aistear themes are Space, Jungle, Construction, The Farm,  Around the world/Travel, Winter /Christmas ,Plants/flowers, Animals, Summer -beach/holidays etc

Examples of items /resources we are looking for include:

Dress up clothes: costumes, aprons, shirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, glasses, gloves, handbags, shoes, unbreakable mirrors, small clothes rail and hangers etc.

Doctors/dentists/hairdresser etc : dress up clothing, toy equipment.

Shops: Toy shopping trolley, shopping baskets, pretend money, purses, pretend food, cash register, market stall

Animals: toy animals, teddy animals, vets clothes and equipment, farm sets

Home corner: toy kitchen, dolls and clothes, cots, changing unit/mat, play buggy, dolls blankets, bottles, cushions, duvet, small plastic/soft seating, beanbags, old phones, toy irons and ironing boards, toy hoover, mops, brushes, tea towels, clock, doorbell etc

Toy kitchen equipment: toy kitchens, toy cooker, toy fridge, toy washing machine, toy microwave, toy dishwasher, basin

Restaurant/Café: chef’s hats, menus, food magazines, plastic tablecloth. Plastic plates, glasses, cups cutlery, 

Architects/ builders: Lego, building blocks, stickle bricks, plastic tool boxes, hard hats, old torches, toy tools, toy workshop etc,

Garden: artificial plants, children’s gardening equipment: wheelbarrow, spades, shovel, watering can etc

Small World: Dolls houses and other buildings, Dolls house furniture, Little toy people, Lego people animals, dinosaurs, cars, trains, planes, boats, farm machinery, diggers etc

Holidays: travel brochures, toy passports, suitcases, toy planes etc.

Writing corner: unused diaries, cards, fancy paper, envelopes, stampers,

Play dough tools Stencils Water/sand play toys

Play mats,  Puppets , Mini pop up tents, Beanbags

If in doubt don't throw it out, email us first. 

Ms O'Carroll's Retirement

On Friday 23rd June, we celebrated Ms O'Carroll in St. Patrick’s NS at our Senior Assembly.  Ms O'Carroll has worked in St Patrick's NS for 42 years!!.

At her last assembly she was presented with her very own 'Reált na Seachtaine' certificate. Then Ms C Fox's class had written a poem for her.

This was then followed by some fabulous music and songs - Ms Griffin's class changed the words to 'Simply the Best', the choir sang 'Thank you for the Music' and then all of children wished her the very best by singing her out with 'Hall of Fame'

We know that she will be back to help out with the choir but we will miss her around the school.

The children and staff wish Ms O'Carroll health and happiness in the next chapter of her life. 

Click here for some pictures and videos


Amber Flag

It was a very special day in St. Patrick’s NS. We proudly raised our Amber Flag that was awarded to our school this year.

The children and staff have made a huge effort to promote positive mental health and well-being all year. They should be very proud of themselves.

Thank you to Mrs. O Carroll and the Amber Flag committee who raised our flag and Mr. Russell who got a great picture of the whole school together in the grass!

We look forward to working hard on new and exciting ideas for next year! 

New Artwork on the White School

Well done to members of each of the sixth classes who worked hard to make a school crest for the White School gable wall. Thank you to the artists; Christian, Nina, Aoibhe, Isabella, Diana, Ida, Daniella and Naoise. Thanks also to Mr Russell for cutting, varnishing and hanging the crest, and providing another space for future art projects underneath the crest 

Danceathon 2023

Congratulations to all the children for their phenomenal dancing today!  . What a colourful performance it was !


Well done to the girls football team. 

Well done to the girls football team today who had a fantastic win in the semi final against Gaelscoil An Bhradáin Fheasa. The girls put in a superb performance in very warm conditions.This is the second year in a row that the girls have made the final of the Jimmy Curran cup. The final takes place on June 15th in Pilltown. We look forward to the next two weeks of preparation for the final.

Today, in Saint Patrick's NS, we welcomed some visitors from Japan. 

Two of the 6th classes, Ms M Fox's and Ms Duff’s classes, are learning Japanese with their teacher Therese sensei. This is part of a program called 'Say Yes to Languages', which we are very lucky to have been accepted on to.

The visitors were Norio Maruyama - Japanese Ambassador to Ireland, Kanako Ukai - Japanese Language Advisor with Japan Foundation, Ireland, Chisato Ofune - Japanese Language Advisor with Japan Foundation, London and Nakata Keiko san, Second Secretary to the Ambassador.

The visitors attended senior assembly. The children from 3rd – 6th welcomed the visitors in with the song 'Wonder'. Then, Ruby, Mary, Aoibhe, and Clodagh introduced themselves in Japanese. They sounded like they had been learning Japanese for 4 years instead of 4 weeks. The ambassador spoke to the children about life in Japan and opportunities for them to visit. The children then sang A Mhuire Mháthair and this was followed by some children from Ms D Keane's class presenting their projects on Japan. Natan, Becky, Tadhg, and Katie presented our guests with some flowers.

After assembly, our guests went to Ms Duff’s and Ms M Fox's rooms to join their Japanese lesson. Here, they got to see all the amazing work the children have been doing over the past number of weeks. They also got to practice using chopsticks.

We are so proud of the classes and the guests couldn't believe how much the children had learned in such a short space of time. Thanks to Therese sensei, the teachers, but especially the children, for all their hard work to make today such a success. 


Europe Day 2023

Yesterday, the children in 6th class in St. Patrick’s NS, Stamullen, had us all brimming with pride when they presented their European projects. They impressed Minister for Sport, Thomas Byrne, Finnish Ambassador to Ireland, Raili Lahnalampi, and EU Commissioner, Mairead McGuinness with their knowledge of the 27 member states. Our Chairperson, Mr Christopher Moore, also got to see all their hard work. Today, they will present to other classes in the school as well as Darren O'Rourke, Amanda Smith and Sharon Toland.Thanks to the four teachers, Ms. O Duff, Ms. C Fox, Mr. S O'Neill, and Ms. M Fox for all their work organising this project. 


All the latest news in our Newsletter from the PA. 

PA Newsletter -Spring 23.pdf

Daffodil Day with a Difference 2023.

What an AMAZING day we had in the daffodil fields! We were absolutely blessed with the weather. The children were fantastic and were super pickers! Thank you to Elmgrove farm for allowing us the opportunity to go into the fields. This was our fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society .We raised €3000 for the Irish Cancer Society! Thanks to all the families that supported this very worthy cause. It will really help a lot of people. 

We had a lovely treat at assembly when Ms O'Carroll, and Ms M Fox brought the choir in. They sang two songs for us. 

I saw the light.mp4
Let it be.mp4

Saturday,4th February, was a big night for the children in 6th class as they took to the stage in the RDS. 

The children from the four 6th classes were practising since September for Peace Proms 2023.

Peace Proms is a musical programme, which is tailor made to ensure it is fun and engaging for children, fulfils important educational requirements, is very rewarding to teach, and the end performance is an inspirational and thrilling experience for choirs, teachers, parents and audiences alike! 

Peace Proms engages children and young people in music and enriches their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances. Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music.

Taking part in Peace Proms gives the children a once in a lifetime opportunity to:

Huge thanks to staff involved: Ms C. Fox, Ms M. Fox, Ms O'Carroll, Ms O. Duff, Mr O'Neil, Mrs Maguire, Ms Hampson, and Ms Uzun

Peace Proms 2023.pptx

On the 1st February we welcomed Grandparent's into St. Patrick's N.S.

On the 1st February we welcomed Grandparent's into St. Patrick's N.S.

Grandparents day 2023 -pictures

Christmas Art and windows 2022

Check out the amazing art completed by all the classes to help make the halla look very festive 

St Patrick’s National School Christmas Art.pptx

On 28th October 2022, we had our annual 'Dress up day'. The children also got to share their Halloween performances with the other classes in the school.

The children started the day in assembly in the halla. There was great excitement seeing everyone dressed up in their costumes. The 'Bananas in Pyjamas' (Mrs Leavy and Mrs O'Byrne) even made a special appearance at the junior assembly.

We announced the winners of the Halloween Art competition - Mr Niall Leavy, local artist, was our judge this year. He couldn't believe how high the standard was.

Check out the winners here

After break we had our Halloween performances. Click on the teacher's name to see the performances

The children were excellent and we had so much fun watching everyone. Congratulation everyone

6. 4th class.mp4

On 6th October 2022, the four 6th classes went to the local Cemetery to meet with local historian Brendan Matthews. 

The children came back with a huge amount of new information about their locality. The following piece, recounting the information the children learned, was written by Clodagh, AJ, Ruby, Katie and Mia from Ms M Fox’s Class. A massive well done to the children for their excellent writing and to Ms McKeon for organising the trip

Stamullen Cemetery Tour with Brendan Matthews

It’s hard to believe there is so much history just down the road in the small Stamullen graveyard. On October 6th 2022, all 6th classes met community Historian Brendan Matthews to give us a tour of the cemetery and its history. “I went to the very same school as you and when I was around your age, I had a very nice teacher who loved history” Brendan said. “He brought us to the hill of Tara and to Newgrange.” Brendan explained how that teacher instilled a love of history in him.


This small cemetery is built on a round hill, overlooking what would have been the village at the time it was built (now a row of shops and apartments). It was the highest point in the village.

That’s Old!

The oldest gravestone (that’s legible!) is from 1722 (300 years ago) but the church in the graveyard dates back to the 13th century. Before that there was another church, but it fell to ruins. He brought us into the church ruins and pointed out where the altar, benches and doors would have been. He showed us two slates from the now gone roof.

Lady Butler

World famous artist Lady Elizabeth Butler lies in this cemetery. Elizabeth Thompson Butler was a British woman who specialised in painting soldiers who had come back from war. Her most famous painting is the Role Call and people from all over the world come to see her simple grave. Some of her paintings are currently hanging in Windsor Castle.

Lord Gormanston

The three main Celtic crosses are signs of the rich and all belong to the Preston family (apart from Lady Butler). Nicholas Preston is the last remaining Lord Gormanston. The Lord Germanton’s lived in Gormanston Castle and were a rather wealthy family. The members of that family that lie here are:

Jenico Preston, William Preston, Eleanor (Dowdall) Preston. The first principal of Stamullen’s old school who taught children even before the famine.

The Crude Heads

On the south side are two crudely carved stone heads. Nobody knows if they weren’t finished or perhaps, they have worn away from the weather.

The Monument

Beside the church is a tomb where all of the Lord Gormanston family are laid to rest. As you come into the room there is a monument carved from stone that features the decomposing remains of a young woman who died of the plague (Black Death). Did you know that the nursery rhyme of Ringa Ringa Rosie is the story of the Black Death. Rosie cheeks are a symptom of the plague, “a pocket full of posies” are herbs that you hold up to your nose to cure you (or so they thought), “a tissue a tissue, we all fall down,” symbolises death. Under this monument are stairs down to where all of the Lord’s rest. This tomb is dated back to around 1450. Only eleven of these tombs remain in Ireland and this one is thought to be the oldest.


Below it is another tomb that features William Preston and Eleanor Dowdall. On the side of that tomb, it shows a crest with several families represented. William is wearing one of the “White Armours” depicted in Ireland. On his right hip rests, a dagger. There was a sword, but it was broken off in an act of theft/vandalism. There is also a lion resting at his feet. Eleanor has a small dog resting at her feet and is wearing a gown and a veil.

All in all, the Cemetery in Stamullen is a very old and historic one, so if you have spare time, why don’t you stop by and have a look.

Ms. M. Fox, Ms. C. Fox, Mr. O’Neill, Ms. O. Duff and all of the 6th class children would like to thank Brendan Matthews for sharing all of his knowledge on Stamullen cemetery.

Maths Week.pptx

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